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Desserts: Frozen Desserts

1-2-3 Blackberry Sherbet 14
1-2-3 Blackberry Sherbet (using buttermilk, blender and mixer) 0
19 Frozen Yogurt Recipes 1
6 Quick Chocolate Sundae Ideas 0
6 Sorbets Using Wines and Liqueurs 1
Alaskan Sandwiches (ice cream sandwiches using cake mix) (1980) 4
Alice Warners' Ice Cream Kolackys (1973) 11
Almond Ice Cream 15
Almond Ice Cream 18
Almond Pistachio Ice Cream (ice cream maker) 0
Almond Raisin Tortoni (using vanilla wafers, freeze ahead) (1983) 27
Almond-Fudge Ice Cream 32
Amaretto Chantilly 9
Amaretto Freeze (blender) 0
Amaretto Ice Cream (Gelato all'Amaretto) 18
Amaretto Oreo Torte with Oreo-Almond Crust (freeze-ahead) 0
Amazing Chocolate Gelato 12
Amazingly Easy Apricot Sorbet 5
Ambrosia Freeze 14
Ambrosia Sherbet 8
Amish Ice Cream Cake 4
Angel Food Cake Alaska 21
Angel Food Ice Cream Cake 24
Angel Food Ice Cream Cake 4
Antoinette's Strawberry Freeze 14
Any Berry Ice Cream 5
Apple Cinnamon Pops (popsicles using yogurt and applesauce) 11
Apple Sorbet (ice shaver) 11
Apricot Ice Cream 39
Apricot Parfaits 19
Apricot Sherbet 0
Apricot Sherbet 29
Arabic Ice Cream recipe 1
Avocado Ice Cream 24
Avocado Ice Milk (Mexican) 0
Avocado Sherbet 0
Award Winning Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (ice cream machine) 0
Bag Ice Cream 2
Baked Alaska (sinful dessert) 39
Baked Alaska - Simply Done 24
Baked Alaska for Kaylie 2
Baked Alaska Lemons (sorbet filled lemon shells, freeze ahead) 23
Baked Apple Alaska 27
Baked Apple Ice Cream (ice cream machine) 0
Baked Bananas with Ice Cream 11
Baked Ice Cream 3
Baked Ice Cream (2 recipes) 3
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