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Desserts: Pastries

A Traditional French Croquembouche for Jessica 2
Almond Bear Claws 3
Almond Bear Claws (using crescent roll dough and almond paste) 0
Almond Cream Cheese Triangles (using biscuit mix) 19
Almond Horns 2
Almond Kringle with Brown Butter Icing 2
Almond Pasticiotti 3
Almond Puff 1
Almond Queens 1
Amazing Low-Fat Cannoli (using wonton wrappers) 0
American Strudel (with jam, raisin, and nut filling) 0
Amish Wedding Nothings (fried dough cookies) 19
Angel Wings 33
Anginetti Cream Puffs 1
Apple Marzipan Galette 22
Apple Pecan Phyllo Crisps 2
Apple Phyllo Triangles 7
Apple Povatica 3
Apple Strudel 4
Apple Strudel Recipe 3
Apple Wraps (using refrigerated biscuit dough) 15
Apple-Almond Pastries 49
Apricot Crescents 17
Apricot Hunklich 6
Atayif with Mixed Nuts or Sweet White Sauce - Thank You Halyna - NY 3
Aunt Rose's Cream Puffs 1
Baklava 7
Baklava (McCall's Cooking School, 1981) 10
Baklava a la Papadakis Taverna 0
Banana Empanadas 23
Banana Napoleon with Rum Cream 23
Banana Napoleons 12
Banana Napoleons (using phyllo dough) 13
Bartlett Pear and Maple Napoleons (using puff pastry) 13
Bear Claws (using almond paste and puff pastry dough) 0
Beavertails (aka Elephant Ears) 4
Beignets (New Orleans-Style Square Donuts) 59
Belgian Dessert Waffles 6
Berry Empanadas 47
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